Patio Doors

Offer uninterrupted views with Patio doors, our range can be perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle needs.

Offer uninterrupted views with sliding patio doors

Patio doors suit homes of any age, and are a simple and stylish way to bring your outside area in. The perfect solution for even the smallest rooms, our uPVC patio doors won't cut into valuable indoor living space, even when they're open thanks to the flush inner frame and your choice of internal or external sliding doors.


Our range of sliding patio doors can be tailored to suit your lifestyle needs and are available as double or triple glazed from two-four pane options. The draft proof double brush seals around the doors and frame, combined with a unique quadruple seal interlock for insulation, keep the warmth in and the cold out.


As a natural source of heat and light combined with excellent thermal efficiency, our patio doors can help you cut down on your energy bills.

Enjoy the Benefits


Stainless steel track for easy access to the outside.


Available as double or triple-glazed, in two, three or four pane options.

Draft proof

Double brush seals around the door and frame.



Available as an in-line or tilt and slide patio door option.